Telos: Practicing Paradise “The whole world has risen in Christ… if God is “all in all,” then everything is in fact paradise, because it is filled with the glory and presence of God, and nothing is any more separated from God.” Thomas Merton

Imaginative Contemplation: The Transfiguration — Sunflower Seed Spirituality

Second Sunday of Lent, Cycle A Here, as stated before, it is my intention to draw from the forthcoming Sunday liturgy and to offer a guided prayer on one of the pieces of scripture in the same way that we have been doing in Exploring Personal Prayer. I do not intend to offer any reflections […]Continue reading “Imaginative Contemplation: The Transfiguration — Sunflower Seed Spirituality”

An Old Man’s Winter Night – Robert Frost — Edge of Atlantic

All out of doors looked darkly in at him Through the thin frost, almost in separate stars, That gathers on the pane in empty rooms. What kept his eyes from giving back the gaze Was the lamp tilted near them in his hand. What kept him from remembering what it was That brought him to […]Continue reading “An Old Man’s Winter Night – Robert Frost — Edge of Atlantic”

Maximos the Confessor: “When the Logos of God is raised up” — Dover Beach

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“When the Logos of God is raised up in us by our practice of the virtues and by contemplation, He draws all things to Himself (cf. John 12:32); He sanctifies in virtue and spiritual knowledge our thoughts and words about the flesh, the soul and the nature of beings; He…

Hymn Before Sunrise by ST Coleridge — the pocket scroll

Originally posted on sidewalk monastic:
Originally posted on Malcolm Guite: Image by Linda Richardson For January 4th in my ?Anthology from?Canterbury Press,?Waiting on the Word,?I have chosen to read a passage from A Hymn before Sunrise in the vale of Chamouni by ST Coleridge. You can hear me read this poem by clicking on the…

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