Breath at the Center

Lavender Turquois

English: The dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul,... English: The dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, seen from the inside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The breath moves at the center of the self being less fearful of what is strange to us. Move into the darkness. The light is more than ample. Much is shown to in the darkness, through the inward eye. Much we never perceived before is presenting to us now.  Return to the depth of the well from the surface of our life. Returning to the source of our life, Explore in the silence, in the silence. I place my life upon the altar in the silence in the silence. Cold cement walls leading to a warm light. Not knowing where I am going but feeling led by truth. Honest leading to freedom. Defense falling away, light drawing light, drawing me slowly closer to the light. Watch for the unexpected opportunity for light.Waking up to the unity of the holy in us, yes…

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